What is Casper(CSPR) Token? Where to buy Casper tokens from Coinlist in presale ICO


What is Casper(CSPR) Token?

Casper was built off the original CBC Casper specifications designed by Ethereum developers. CSPR is the native token to the Casper network. As a Proof of Stake blockchain, Casper relies on CSPR to reward the validators that participate in the PoS consensus mechanism to secure and uphold the network.

Casper users also rely on CSPR to pay network fees for on-chain actions. The CSPR token will be available only through CoinList for the initial public token sale. Once CSPR lockup periods end, we anticipate the token to be available through other platforms per jurisdiction compliance.

Casper labs have created a new Ethereum competitor Casper Network, which is going to launch with a presale from March 23 on Coinlist. Casper Network is a fork of Ethereum, which is a layer-1 proof of stake blockchain. To know how and where to buy Casper (CSPR) tokens follow the below step-by-step tutorial.

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Who Invested in Casper Labs CSPR tokens?

Casper Labs raised funding from Arrington Capital in 2019 and afterward major giants Digital Strategy, Consensus Capital, Hashkey Capital, and RockTree Capital all invested. Casper labs recently announced its partnership with China’s Blockchain Infrastructure provider BSN in early Feb 2021.

Where to buy Casper token network partners
Casper Token Early Investors

Casper Network CSPR token Sale

The Casper Token Community sale allows the community to purchase CSPR tokens for up to $1 million. The user will get CSPR tokens at a pre-launch price of $0.015 – $0.03 per token. There is no limit to the users who can buy the CSPR token.

Sale Period: 03/23/2021 at 00:00 UTC – 03/31/2021 at 23:59 UTC
Eligibility: Non-US persons and Non-Canadian only
Minimum Purchase limit: $100
Maximum Purchase limit: $1 Million
Official website:

The buyer do have three options for investment in Casper token sale:

Casper Sale Option 1: $0.015 per token with a 12-month lockup
Casper Sale Option 2: $0.02 per token with a 6-month lockup
Casper Sale Option 3: $0.03 per token with no lockup, after-sale you will get the coins in your account

You can participate in Casper token community sales from here.


How to buy CSPR tokens in presale with CoinList?

You can buy Casper tokens from Coinlist in presale. Follow this step-by-step guide and participate in Casper Labs ICO to buy CSPR tokens:

Step I: Register and get KYC verified on CoinList (Use this link to get $10 when you trade $100).

If you face any problem in registering and KYC verified with Coinlist, check out our step-by-step guide here.

Step II: As mentioned earlier there are three options to participate in Casper token sale.

Option 1: $0.015 per token with a 12-month lockup
Option 2: $0.02 per token with a 6-month lockup
Option 3: $0.03 per token with no lockup, after-sale you will get the coins in your account

You can choose any of them and get ready with a minimum of $100 in your wallet.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Sale Dates March 23-31, 2021 March 30-31, 2021 March 30-31, 2021
Lockup 12 months 6 months Freely trading
Release 6 months from 4/1/2022 6 months from 10/1/2021 40 days from 4/1/2021
Purchase Limits $100 min
$5K max
$50K min
$1M max
$100 min
$30K max
Num of Tokens 400M 300M 300M
Price per Token $0.015 $0.02 $0.03
% of Total Supply 4.0% 3.0% 3.0%
Casper Token ICO offerings

Once you have chosen an Option, now you can register for that version of the sale. If you are KYC verified it will just ask for your name and the country you reside in.

How to buy Casper tokens from Coinlist what are options

Once completed, you now have to wait for sale to get started. Till then, be ready with your funds.

What I will recommend to deposit your funds to your CoinList wallet and convert it to USDT till the sale starts and get your KYC verified earlier on. As KYC will take 3 – 5 days to get verified.


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