HyperFund Global


HyperFund Global. A Passive Income Opportunity.

HyperFund Global is a completely passive income opportunity which pays between 0.5% – 1.0% daily on your membership pack, a total of 3x reward on you investment.

Membership packages start from $300, paid in USDT and go up to $1000, although you can buy as many as you like so there is no limit.

Once your daily rewards have reached $50, you can withdraw or reinvest it to compound the returns.

I bought a $1000 pack and in just three months turned that into a five figure return. Needless to say, this gets an Approved from me.

How To Buy Membership Packages:

  1. Open your account at HyperFund Global by CLICKING HERE
  2. Transfer USTD from any crypto exchange to your Hyperfund Account
  3. Buy Membership Package buy using that USDT
  4. Earn reward of .5% to 1% daily on your membership.
  5. Withdraw your reward reward at $50 or rebuy to compound the return.

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